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The Wild Bunch Hobart

Tasmanian Lakker Chocolatiers

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Butterscotch Popcorn 

Caramelised popcorn with butter and Tasmanian sea salt, blended with our 38% Signature Milk Chocolate.


Fruits of the Forest  

Aka Cuberdon Candy, a popular delight made in Ghent, Belgium.

The recipe, that dates back to the 19th century, is a well kept secret only known by a handful of confectioners. We gave it our best to replicate this amazing confection.

Freeze dried raspberries, freeze dried black currants, violet folded through our 30% White Chocolate.

Pistachio and Strawberry 


In house made roasted Australian pistachio paste, candied pistachios, Tasmanian freeze dried strawberries, organic chewy dried strawberries blended in our 30% White Chocolate.

Perfect balance between sour notes of strawberries and roasted pistachios with many different textures. A Modern Australian Confection indeed.


*This product is available as an add-on only and cannot be delivered on its own.