Flower Care

 We hope you love your flowers! If you're at work or unable to place your flowers in water right away- Your flowers have been wrapped in an eco wet-pack which will keep them hydrated for about 8 hours. When you get a chance follow the steps below to care for your flowers.

Note- If your flowers are already designed in a vase or container, skip to step 5


1. Gently remove the flowers from their packaging

2. Fill a vase 2/3 full with cool water

3. Trim about 2cm off the stems diagonally and remove any foliage that will be under water

4. Place the flowers into the vase and arrange them as you like

5. Re cut the stems and change the water every 1-2 days

6. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heaters and away from fruit

7. Different flowers have different lifespans, so as flowers fade, you can cut or remove these so they dont spread bacteria to the other blooms



The two most important factors to make your flowers last are-

1. Keeping them at as cool as possible

2. Keeping the water as fresh as possible